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The Opportunity Is Electric

Sunrun Solar & Ambit Energy Success Story

"Show Me The Money"

Ambit Energy Compensation Plan--Ambit Energy Pays You Every Month

Learn how Ambit Energy can help you become financially FREE by helping people get FREE ENERGY every month. You get paid from Ambit Energy for what you start NOT from what you do. Ambit Energy has allowed the common person to leverage a true system that works for you so you dont have to.

In a Rush?

Look at this 5 min Video

Ambit Energy Promotion 

Ambit Energy National Consultant Michael Obay presents the company business presentation. Ambit Energy is currently running a promotion until November 20, 2015. The Promotion will be mentioned in the video. 
Ambit Energy was named the fastest growing company in America by Inc magazine. Ambit Energy had annual revenue of 1.5 billion dollars in 2014. 
Ambit Energy just made a major announcement to partner up with Sunrun, an industry leader offering solar energy to homes. Ambit Energy plans to launch the solar program 

Serious about this?


Here's an in dept business presentation.

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